Spring Festival: Lunar New Year

There are many different versions of the origin of Spring Festival. One of is myth origin. It is said that there is a monster called Nian. It would attract people in the end of year, but gradually people found it was afraid of red color, fire and splutter. Therefore, every household affixed red couplets, lit a bonfire and set off firecrackers.

This saying, I think, is just for fun. What matters for Spring Festival is the family reunion and hope for the coming year. No matter how far they are from home, how busy they are and how hard it is for them to return home, they like to return home to stay with their family together. People choose their respective affordable way like high-speed rail, airplane, private car, motorcycle and coach to make it. This also creates the biggest movement of popularity in the whole year.

When people get home, what will they do? With the time flying, the Spring Festival customs also have changed. Today’s customs are thorough cleaning, pasting couplets, red Fu Character and red paper cutout, setting off firecrackers, paying a New Year visit, gift changing, giving red envelopes,etc.

During Spring Festival, people also can enjoy a lot of traditional food. People from north will eat dumplings while southern people are used to have Niangao (glutinous rice cake) and sweet dumplings. In most areas, fish (pinyin: yú) is included, but not eaten completely (and the remainder is stored overnight), as the Chinese phrase “may there be surpluses every year” (pinyin: niánnián yǒu yú) sounds the same as “let there be fish every year.”

Chinese New Year is not only an important festival within China, but also celebrated in other Asian countries and Chinese gathering area. Nowadays, many foreigners also like to experience Spring Festival. Welcome to have a travel to different regions of China, you can enjoy rich culture with strong local features.

Spring Festival is a busy, happy and family reunion time. MQ wishes you enjoy it and pay attention to regular sleeping and diet. You also can choose some our delicate personal massagers as gift for your kinds, parents or friends.


2018, Our New Year Wish for You

After two-month prepare, our new website is born, that is, http://www.mqhealthmall.com. It is really a great pleasure for us to join you in a new year to take care of health and do something for you.

All is not so important as health. Our new year wish for you is keeping a health body with happy mind. A happy mind will influence our body greatly. Luckily, no matter how hard the past is, we get through it. Now in a new year, be positive. Here are some quotations to inspire and entertain.

“The unsolvable question at present can be delievered to the future. Time is a great author. He must can give a perfect answer.” The classic dialogue in Game of Hunting.

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” – Helen Keller,  American author, political activist, and lecturer and first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” Hal Borland, a well-known American author, journalist and naturalist.

Besides these inspiring words, we also have some health tips for you. Because of our heavy work or our surroundings, our body will have this or that problem like pain, poor sleep quality, skin problem, etc. Don’t forget to take some simple exercises ten or half minutes and relax yourself. You can find these useful videos on Youtube. We also will put some on it. Our channel ID is: UCIq6S8NHIbAfLYw4ky06ZuQ. If you like to get good relax and don’t want to cost too much, our multiple kinds of electric massager is right for you. For pain relief and other health care, you also can find what you need on our website.

In one word, we do any thing for your health more than quality goods. If you have any suggestion, welcome to tell us, we will give you our coupon.

Top Five Health Tips for You(Ⅰ)

Unhealthy life style, eating habits, heavy work and many other factors make us have some health problems in varying degrees.

The most common one is pain of main body parts like neck pain, back pain, waist pain, etc. What’s the causes, symptoms and treatment? Let me list for you one by one.

Many common and everyday activities can cause the strain of the levator scapula, the connection between the neck’s cervical spine and shoulder, which is the main reason of neck pain. I will give you some examples like sleeping with the neck at an awkward position, turning the head side to side repeatedly during and activity and sport injury.

Oftentimes, taking it easy for a day or two is all that is needed to give the neck pain to heal. If it is not bearable, some pain relief patch is very helpful. If the neck pain has not shown improvement after a week, it should be checked by a doctor. Also, regardless of how long it has lasted, a stiff neck accompanied by fever, headache or unexplained sleepiness, etc. should be seen by a medical professional immediately.

Perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy or you are dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis. Once you have low back pain, it an be hard to shake. How to solve it?

There are some tips: first, sleeping better. Try lying on your side. Place a pillow between your knee to keep your spine in a neural position and relieve strain on your back. Second, sit upright, especially if you sit for long periods. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your body supported against the back of your chair. Try putting a pillow or something like this between your lower back and your seat. Third, there are also some health care products to relieve pain like tiger balm plaster, etc.

Waist pain or pain in the waist area is quite common but annoying problems. It is estimated that approximately more than 50% of people in the United States alone suffer from waist point in their lives. Usually, it is due to poor sitting posture or having a chair which does not support the back properly and also can be caused due to any problem with any of the organs which reside in the waist region.

Waist pain due to overuse and excessive strain can be remedied by taking adequate rest and staying away from activities that may exacerbate the pain. There are medications available to treat Waist Pain which is caused due to muscle spasms in the form of muscle relaxants and medications like baclofen or valium. Massaging the affected area may also be very helpful for treating waist pain. There are some electronic pulse massager which can help you easily finish at home.

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“ What to eat” Is Becoming A Century Problem for Chinese Young People

In The Solitary Gourme, it said: God let human eat for living. Therefore, he uses appetite to stimulate people to have a meal and let people get happiness from it. Three meals per day is not just for existence and has become one part of our memory.


How Many People Eat by Oneself

The living conditions of today’s young people is vividly shown on their three meals. If he is a newer in a city, his life looks almost same with those who have home here; but it tells him difference at once when they need to work overtime. His colleague tells his family not to wait for him to eat together, just leaving some for him while he has to eat something casually after work as a kind of comfort. Sometimes, this relax and comfort brought by having one’s own dinner is called self-stroking.

There is a term structure-hunger in psychology to define this solitary state as retreat. Once he gets used to this structure-hunger, he will can’t help slipping into this state no matter which role he plays.


Who Makes Food More Delicious

-psychological support on Chinese family table

The ever ad words of McDonald’s” Mother’s Taste” has caused hot response in China. And now many restaurants give such promotion, but can they really have the same feeling? I think most people will say no.

What makes the difference between food at restaurants and home? From the inside, when their parents cook dinner for them ,their parents are in a state of Caring Parents and they enjoy this warmness without pay. But at restaurants, they are in a state of equivalent exchange. There is on exception. If he gets a cold and occasionally has dinner at a restaurant, the restaurant owner gives him a bowl of ginger soup, he is moved just like his parents is by his side.


Why Are Young People Difficult in Deciding What to Eat

Why do young people have difficulty in deciding what to eat? The reason is very simple.

  • Decision-making power has been given to themselves.

When they are at home, their parents are responsible for making decision and cooking dinner for them. After they leave home and face a completely new surroundings, they need time to acclimatize themselves and don’t know what to eat in a certain period.

  • They are eager to pursue the taste and the depth of food.

At present, they can meet numerous kinds of food worldwide in one place. Adequate food make they have higher requirements for the taste. This make many people don’t know what to choose from.

Besides the taste, which concept, story, etc. behind the food and what materials and ingredients to use are also very important for some people. Eating is no longer just a instinctive physiological behavior, but a symbol of life taste.


How Could Young People Free from This Trouble

When they are entangled in choosing what to eat, in fact, they want to find some satisfactory food, but have no idea for a moment.

Under this situation, they need to seriously ask themselves: what do they want to eat, then think over this question. Maybe they will find a solution. Another way is to find a person who is easily to make best decision. If they can’t, just cook dinner by themselves. Of course, for enjoying delicious food, please pay attention to oral health.

The Evolution of Sex Appeal

The Evolution of Sex Appeal

How Fashion’s Definition of ‘Sexy’ Has  Changed over The Past Century



What is sexy? Well, it depends when you’re asking. The ideals of sex appeal have evolved a lot over the past century.

In the 1900s, it was a given that women would wear corsets under their dresses. The corsets played up the ideal hourglass figure, creating the impression of an S-shaped body. Stomachs were sucked in, making hips and breasts look bigger by comparison.

Things started to shift in the 1910s, as make-up grew in popularity among the Hollywood set. However, wearing make-up was still frowned upon by some, so many women would hide it and apply surreptitiously to play up their features, taking cues from the motion picture industry’s trend-setting starlets.

In the 1920s, bold make-up was not only acceptable but desirable. Pale skin was the go-to look, so many women used cosmetics to make their complexion look lighter.

But perhaps an even more dramatic change was that womanly curves were no longer ‘in’. Girls now eschewed the hourglass shape for a boyish figure, even binding their chests to play down their breasts.

The 1930s, though, saw fuller figures make a small comeback – but women’s sex appeal still had a masculine side. Women of the ’30s went for a stronger silhouette. Following the lead of Joan Crawford, ladies bought dresses and tops with shoulder pads sewn in, which they then juxtaposed with sultry red lips.

Shoulder pads continued to be popular into the 1940s. But the ideal figure began swinging back more toward the feminine when World War II ended, with higher hem lines meaning women were showing a bit more leg.

Then, in the late ’40s, that undergarment innovation brought the hourglass figure back in a big way, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly showing them off in very different lights in the 1950s. While Marilyn’s often revealing outfit choices were played up with pouty lips and sensual stares, Grace epitomized a more subtle sex appeal with her full skirts.

Then finally, in the 1960s, legs got their chance to come out and play, too, as mini skirts were all the rage. Bikinis also earned swift popularity, and women began showing more and more skin on and off the beach. Curves fell out of favor again with many people, as Twiggy’s super-slim figure inspired women to shed pounds.

In the 1970s, Farrah Fawcett became a sexual icon with her feathered locks. The ’70s also saw the sexual revolution in full swing, and women and men were both more open than ever about sexuality. In fact, one-night stands are what inspired Diane von Furstenberg to design the wrap dress in 1974.

Through the 1980s, the trend to show more skin continued. On the beach and at aerobics classes, women opted for swimsuits and leotards that cut high on the thigh to make legs look long and flaunt hips. Fit, toned bodies were considered the sexiest ones around. Therefore,  how to lose weight is a main trend at present. Many slimming products are popular. The safe one is slim patch.