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“ What to eat” Is Becoming A Century Problem for Chinese Young People

In The Solitary Gourme, it said: God let human eat for living. Therefore, he uses appetite to stimulate people to have a meal and let people get happiness from it. Three meals per day is not just for existence and has become one part of our memory.


How Many People Eat by Oneself

The living conditions of today’s young people is vividly shown on their three meals. If he is a newer in a city, his life looks almost same with those who have home here; but it tells him difference at once when they need to work overtime. His colleague tells his family not to wait for him to eat together, just leaving some for him while he has to eat something casually after work as a kind of comfort. Sometimes, this relax and comfort brought by having one’s own dinner is called self-stroking.

There is a term structure-hunger in psychology to define this solitary state as retreat. Once he gets used to this structure-hunger, he will can’t help slipping into this state no matter which role he plays.


Who Makes Food More Delicious

-psychological support on Chinese family table

The ever ad words of McDonald’s” Mother’s Taste” has caused hot response in China. And now many restaurants give such promotion, but can they really have the same feeling? I think most people will say no.

What makes the difference between food at restaurants and home? From the inside, when their parents cook dinner for them ,their parents are in a state of Caring Parents and they enjoy this warmness without pay. But at restaurants, they are in a state of equivalent exchange. There is on exception. If he gets a cold and occasionally has dinner at a restaurant, the restaurant owner gives him a bowl of ginger soup, he is moved just like his parents is by his side.


Why Are Young People Difficult in Deciding What to Eat

Why do young people have difficulty in deciding what to eat? The reason is very simple.

  • Decision-making power has been given to themselves.

When they are at home, their parents are responsible for making decision and cooking dinner for them. After they leave home and face a completely new surroundings, they need time to acclimatize themselves and don’t know what to eat in a certain period.

  • They are eager to pursue the taste and the depth of food.

At present, they can meet numerous kinds of food worldwide in one place. Adequate food make they have higher requirements for the taste. This make many people don’t know what to choose from.

Besides the taste, which concept, story, etc. behind the food and what materials and ingredients to use are also very important for some people. Eating is no longer just a instinctive physiological behavior, but a symbol of life taste.


How Could Young People Free from This Trouble

When they are entangled in choosing what to eat, in fact, they want to find some satisfactory food, but have no idea for a moment.

Under this situation, they need to seriously ask themselves: what do they want to eat, then think over this question. Maybe they will find a solution. Another way is to find a person who is easily to make best decision. If they can’t, just cook dinner by themselves. Of course, for enjoying delicious food, please pay attention to oral health.